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2018 IEEE International Conference on
Integrated Circuits, Technologies and Applications 

The first IEEE International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Technologies and Applications (ICTA2018), conference code #44889, will be held November 21-23, 2018 in Beijing, China. This new conference will be held annually in China to provide an international forum according to IEEE standard for the presentation and exchange of the latest technical achievements and cross-discipline fertilization of IC designs, technologies, and applications in our fast-changing society. This years theme is Sensors, Integrated Circuits and Systems for IoT and 5G. ICTA2018 welcomes papers of new and innovative discoveries and designs on

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following technical areas:

1.     Building Blocks for RFIC and MMIC: Si-based RFIC building-block circuit, compound-semiconductor-based MMIC building-block circuit, LNA, PA, VCO, PLL, phase shifter, mixer, RF switch, balun, driver amplifier, etc.

2.     Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs:  power management device and system, OPA, LDO, VGA, amplifier, comparator, filter, AGC, ADC, DAC, divider/multiplier, etc.

3.     Digital ICs: Open code processor, ASIC, FPGA, deep-learning processor, AI in Si, transistor-based DSP, etc.

4.     Modeling, CAD and Testing: Compact models and extraction techniques (silicon based), SPICE models and extraction techniques (non-silicon), modeling technique of GaN, SiC, ASM-HEMT, 2D-material-based devices, quantum devices, NOC, test structures design and model parameter extraction, RF calibration and reliable data acquisi­tion, CAD, EM/TCAD simulation, co-simulation and verification technique, PDK validation.

5.     Semiconductor Process and Device Technologies: CMOS, FinFET, UT-SOI, LDMOS, HEMT, HBT, SiGe, GaAs, InP, GaN, 2D materials, 3G materials, MEMS, device characterization, simulation and FAR, etc.

6.     Memory Device and Processmemory, flash, OTP, MTP, SRAM, DRAM, 3D NAND, MRAM, RRAM, PCRAM, FeRAM, crossbar, DRAM+MCU, etc.

7.     Emerging Device Technologies: 2D materials, green and implantable materials, neuromorphic device, optoelectronic device, device characterization, etc.

8.     Packaging and Module Technologies: MCM, SiP, SoP, TSV, flip -chip assembly, wire bonding, anisotropic conductive film, interconnection technologies, multi-physics and multiscale EM computation/simulation, etc.

9.     Passive ICs and Active Antennas: filters, EM-intensive circuit towards integration in Si-based or compound-semiconductor-based technology, integrated antenna towards massive-MIMO and co-shape design with ICs, on-chip antenna, AIP, integrated passive device, advanced computational EM, etc.

10.  ICs for 5G and Beyond: integrated circuit/system operating at mm-wave (30-300 GHz) and sub-mm-wave (>300 GHz) frequencies, digital beam-steering technique, frequency-generation IC, etc.

11.  ICs for Automotive Electronics: high-voltage IC, IVI, ADAS, OBD, AI interface, ACC, automotive radar, etc.

12.  ICs for High-Speed Connectivity: High-speed data link wireless/wireline/optical transceiver, SerDes, CDRs for high-speed data link, opto-electronic IC, etc.

13.  Sensors, Imagers & ICs for Bio-Medical Applications: Low-power IC, WBAN, wearable device and system, security, biomedical and healthcare application, sensor node, RFID, NFC, ZigBee, WPAN, etc.

14.  Sensors and ICs for IoT & 5G Applications: portable device & system, AI system, etc.

Paper submission and deadlines:

To encourage timely reporting of the latest results and to have better opportunities to expand papers for possible journal publications, prospective authors are invited to submit a 2-page paper (both initial submission and final version, if accepted) in English and in IEEE Xplore PDF format. The paper should emphasize original contributions and key findings, including figures, diagrams and results from verified simulations with direct or indirect measurements. Up to 2 additional pages of figures supporting initial submission which will not in final publication are encouraged. References should be clearly cited and up-to-date. Invited papers can extend up to 6 pages submission. By submitting an extended abstract, the authors promise that, if accepted, at least one of them will attend ICTA2018 with full registration.

Manuscript submission deadline:              August 15, 2018 (Wednesday)

Notification of acceptance:                            September 16, 2018 (Sunday)

Submission of final extended abstract:           October 21, 2018 (Sunday)

     Upload online to:                             

About IEEE ICTA and What is New?

China is becoming a semiconductor hub for academia, industry and market. However, young Chinese researchers, in particular students, lack the opportunity to attend IEEE conferences. International counterparts also wish to experience firsthand the fast-growing semiconductor sector in China. To this end, ICTA was founded by a group of Chinese scholars and will be held annually in China. It will be a broad yet advanced forum for IC designs, technologies and applications worldwide.

The conference will feature both invited and contributed papers. Distinguished researchers will be invited to deliver keynote speeches on technology or circuit trends and significant advances. The best contributed papers will be selected for awards. All papers will be presented in parallel sessions, including invited talks and focused sessions. ICTA will start and conclude with short courses and forums. Exhibition showcasing the latest engineering samples, tools and technology options will be facilitated as well. More information can be found at

       Both invited and contributed papers that are accepted by ICTA will appear in IEEE Xplore and EI database.


What is new? Authors are invited to submit an extend version of 5+ pages to the special issue of Journal of Semiconductor(JOS), thus possibly extending the conference abstract into a journal paper. The extended paper should reflect reviewersopinions and audience feedbacks from ICTA.

Author registration and paper submission steps:

1.   Author registration form: title, author(s) and affiliation(s), and statement of exclusivity. This form includes also a 30-50-word abstract (description of the subject, its importance, and how the work contributes to the field). This information is required and must be submitted via the website:

2.   Authors must use the template provided on the above website to format their extended abstract. The extended abstract may not exceed 2 pages total and the file size must be less than 2 MB. For PDF files, use Distiller and select embed all fonts. Please note that we accept no *.doc files.

3.   Submission deadline:  August 15, 2018 (Wednesday)

Paper selection criteria: All submissions must be in English. Papers will be selected based on the following factors:

       Originality: The paper must be unique, significant, and state-of-the-art. Are references to existing literature included?

       Quantitative content: The 2-page extended abstract should give an explicit description of the work with supporting data.

       Quality: Clarity of the writing and figures. What is the context of the contribution to previous work?

       Interest to ICTA attendees: Why should this work be reported at this conference?


About the Venue

The Empark Grand Hotel is located about a 25-minute drive from the city center in the Haidian district of Beijing. It is 15 minutes from the railway station, 35 minutes from the International Exhibition Center and 40 minutes from Capital International Airport. The 15-story hotel features 554 guest rooms, equipped with broadband internet access, satellite televisions and direct-dial telephones. The hotel property includes a swimming pool, film theatre, karoake nightclub, broadband internet access, ATM banking, a karaoke room and entertainment center. There are 18 conference rooms available for meetings.



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